Cottage Life Names Fortress Rum One of 14 Canadian-Made Spirits To Try This Winter

Posted Nov 20, 2016

Double barrelled, overproof and aged in a fortress that meets the cold embrace of the wild Atlantic Ocean. Is there any wonder why Cottage Life named Fortress Rum one of their top 14 Canadian spirits to enjoy this winter?

For centuries, Maritimers have turned to a wee dram of rum to take the edge off a cold winters’ day, and Fortress Rum has now become the drink of choice for Nova Scotians seeking an amber rum to warm-up when a nor’easter is blowing hard. Smooth and well structured, Fortress has the character to take on the coldest Canadian winter.

Canada can be a harsh place in winter and we’re proud to make a rum that can stand up to anything our weather throws at us. To each and every one who has a bottle of Fortress Rum at the ready as we approach another long winter, we thank you for your support. We raise a glass to your courage and salute your fortitude. To your health!

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